Foreign Bodies

“No one should come to the UK with the intention of sleeping rough…”

So spake Theresa May’s mouthpiece the Home Office.

Is she/are they really so f*cking thick that they think people actually get on a plane thinking, ‘I can’t wait to kip behind the bins outside Poundland in Doncaster.’ Is this REALLY what they think? It’s risible that they should dare spout such crap and think they can get away with it. I can hardly bear going over it again, but here we go…when the Home Office deports rough sleepers they have absolutely NO rights whatsoever. Neither, by the way, are we given ANY information about what happens to them on the other side. They have no money. Obviously. Do they have a family to go back to? I suggest that things must be pretty grim for them back there if they choose rough sleeping over going back home.
I imagine that most came here to work, many may have spent most of their lives here. And just like British rough sleepers, they ended up on the streets because Britain turned out not to be the land of milk and honey we were told it was. It IS however a land of milk and honey for private landlords who are absolutely free to hike the rents up to impossible levels on their tenants, knowing this will force out the people living there, so they can fill the space with a rich yuppie who has been priced out of his own corner of London.
This happened to the young Romanian family living in the flat beneath me in Leytonstone last year. We were both forced out at the same time. I was there seven years. They were there six months less than me. When she moved in she was pregnant with their first child, who they named after me, so he could have an English name. They presumed they would be here forever and they wanted him to have all the ‘advantages’ that come with being British. Poor sods. Their little boy only knows this country and speaks a mixture of Romanian and Leytonstonian.
The house was falling apart, riddled with damp. The family spent a fortune making repairs themselves because we knew the landlord would never do it and if we kicked up a fuss, he’d evict us. In the end, he stuck the rents up £180 a month and he effectively did. And he did it deliberately. And we all became homeless. Last I heard, they were throwing themselves upon the mercy of Waltham Forest Housing. I’d sooner take my chances lodging with Hannibal Lecter than ask for their help again.
So, these are the people sleeping rough. Just like the English people sleeping rough. Human beings before they are Slovaks or Latvians or Bulgarians or Romanians.
And not only should we not be roughing them up and booting them out without a bye or leave. We should be making recompense to them.
Remember, WE said they could come here. WE invited them in. It’s not THEIR fault this happened. They came to work, whatever the rights and wrongs of the influx. Wasn’t THEIR idea!
And now many of them are severely mentally disturbed by their time on the streets. I KNOW that they are because I lay next to them and I’m mentally disturbed by the experience too, since you ask. It ain’t pretty. Many of the women have been raped. This is our national shame and this country and the succession of governments which have presided over the housing crisis now owe them, and all homeless people. Big time.


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