Foreign Bodies “No one should come to the UK with the intention of sleeping rough…” So spake Theresa May’s mouthpiece the Home Office. Is she/are they really so f*cking thick that they think people actually get on a plane thinking, ‘I can’t wait to kip behind the bins outside Poundland in Doncaster.’ Is this REALLY […]


The BIGGER Issue

The BIGGER Issue I hate the expression ‘virtue signalling’. It’s a very telling indictment of our times. That, somehow, to point out immorality or hypocrisy, makes you a pr*ck because you’re quite clearly trying to make yourself look good. Only a wrong ‘un would think in that twisted way. But as I sat down with […]

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GIVING Some people don’t know how to give. I was sitting at a freezing cold tube station with my friend Andreas the other night when this smartly-dressed black fella walked past and literally hurled some loose change at him. As Andreas scrambled to pick up the coins from the gutter, a younger black lad had […]

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