I probably shouldn’t say it, but sometimes homelessness is quite fun. Well it was for me anyway. Terrible huh? But y’know, of COURSE I didn’t choose it or want it, of course it was horrible and traumatising. Of course you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. But my spirit knew it couldn’t afford to […]

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Park Life

Being homeless is like being a refugee in your own land. Refugees have camps. Why do homeless people not have homeless camps? We are, after all, internal refugees. Refugees from years of government greed and neglect of the housing crisis in our country, neglect of mental health services, neglect of simple, decent human standards of […]

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On the Game…

Do you ever get the feeling that this country is about to fall apart at the seams? In brighter economic times, this government ‘invested’ in tax cuts for the super rich. ‘Cos they, like REALLY needed the dough. Meanwhile, I’ve spent a year trying to get counselling for my trauma, during which time I’ve been […]

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Stay in the Light

It’s funny, but when I’m sleeping outside, I am so on the ball, so adrenalised. Even with no sleep, so alert. I swear I could plan and direct the invasion of Belgium or Bhutan before breakfast. Not that I’d particularly want to. But the survival instinct is strong in me. All my instincts are. When […]

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