My first chapter

My first chapter.. Here’s where things get spiritual and a bit weird. Hold onto your hats. You are never closer to God than when youre lying in the gutter…

Chapter One.

List of impossible things

“Crazy the mystic’s song

But what if they’re right all along?

Trust what you cannot know

And pray til your prayers make it so.”

Where to start?

Just for once, I won’t start with me.

My mate Keith was living on the street for a year. His beautiful wife has a disability. He’s ex army. A brave and proud man. They should never have been living on the streets. But they had to. I’ll get back to why, later.

Anyway, one night, someone thought it was funny to throw a firework at Keith’s wife, Lorraine. It exploded as he stamped on it. There was no burn. Nothing. A miracle.

Back to me, haha. Several weeks ago, I was in Valentine’s Park, Ilford, looking for a Holy Well. I had to find it, an amazing lady called Maureen Rolls told me to. You see I’d been cursed. By something very bad. I woke up one morning, in Georgia, the Caucasus, with a weird burn on my right foot. I was concerned. Someone I don’t know, told me to call Maureen. I did. But after about two minutes the line went dead. I’d run out of credit. I’d just topped up my phone. It didn’t make sense. But then, at that point, nothing in my life was making sense. It does now.

She called back. She told me not to be scared. That something was interfering with our call.I was crying at this point. I was so exhausted. It’s been a long and bumpy ride. She gave me a prayer and told me to find this Holy Well.

I didn’t have a clue how to find one, so I googled Holy Wells near you, as you do. Lo and behold, there’s a website that lists them, and there’s one in Valentine’s Park.

So I satnavved my way there. I didn’t have credit on my phone, so I had to sit outside McDonald’s to find it.

I got to the park, with no clue where to look. It’s a big park.

I had literally no idea what to do, so I sat against an old oak tree and I prayed. With all my heart, I prayed.

Anyway, I.looked up, and pretty much opposite there was a guy sitting with his head in hands, looking sad. I was magnetised toward him, so off I went launching myself again, into the world.

He had his eyes closed, but next to him was a book. It was called Steps to Christ. I tapped him on the shoulder, and asked if he was okay. He played me a sad song and told me the book was for me. He was VERY drunk. Even drunker than me. But I comforted him, and told him of my crazy mission, to find this sacred well.

He knew where it was, and as he smoked and drank and laughed, I bathed my right foot, as I had been instructed. We sat by the duck pond, as geese gathered, and he offered me a cigarette. I said ‘No thank you, I can’t give you one back. I have no money. I’m broke.’ He reached into his pocket and brandished a £20 note. I said, I can’t take that. He insisted. I said I would only take it, if he gave me his number and let me call him to give it back. He refused. He said, pass it on. I did of course. I’ll tell you later how.

He wanted to go on his way, so I cleaned up his whisky bottle and cigarette dimps and put them in my bag. He said goodbye, not before telling me the way home. I looked around to wave and he had gone. Disappeared. I walked to the end of the street he sent me to, looking for a bin, to dispose of his whisky bottle and dimps. Next to the bin there was a bag, with two clean pillows. I needed clean pillows since I had become homeless. This is the list of impossible things.


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