Dead Man Walking…

Bloody Marks and Spencer. I detest them now and I want justice for what they do to homeless men and women, I may need your help with this one… They’re not completely to blame for Josef’s death. NOT completely. Probably not even mostly. There are a lot of culprits who should be named and shamed. […]

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The Drugs don’t work?

This will probably come across as controversial…but who cares? I know what I’m talking about. If you see a homeless man or woman and you feel like helping them, buy them a beer…or better still, give them the money so they can choose whether to buy a beer for themselves…or perhaps they’ll go and invest […]

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I woke up crying this morning. Don’t normally do that. I’m generally very positive. But something was bothering me and I need to get to the bottom of it. And its okay to cry so long as nobody sees it. I met Saul yesterday and had a lovely couple of hours. He’s my mate and […]

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There is a fate worse than homelessness. I pondered this as I looked at the images of charred Grenfell Tower. Now the world’s highest cemetery. I know from my own experience, from the experience of my brothers and sisters on the streets, that you are never more in danger than when you are in the […]

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Diary of a Rough Sleeper

It’s the constant beeping which is the worst. Mental torture served up by good old Marks and Spencer. I won’t be buying my pasties from┬áthem ever again. I wonder what Saint Michael thinks of their behaviour. I was sleeping behind Marks and Sparks in Ilford for a while. Under the tunnel, next to my Polish, […]

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