Diary of a Rough Sleeper

It’s the constant beeping which is the worst. Mental torture served up by good old Marks and Spencer. I won’t be buying my pasties from them ever again. I wonder what Saint Michael thinks of their behaviour. I was sleeping behind Marks and Sparks in Ilford for a while. Under the tunnel, next to my Polish, […]

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Foreign Bodies “No one should come to the UK with the intention of sleeping rough…” So spake Theresa May’s mouthpiece the Home Office. Is she/are they really so f*cking thick that they think people actually get on a plane thinking, ‘I can’t wait to kip behind the bins outside Poundland in Doncaster.’ Is this REALLY […]


The BIGGER Issue

The BIGGER Issue I hate the expression ‘virtue signalling’. It’s a very telling indictment of our times. That, somehow, to point out immorality or hypocrisy, makes you a pr*ck because you’re quite clearly trying to make yourself look good. Only a wrong ‘un would think in that twisted way. But as I sat down with […]

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GIVING Some people don’t know how to give. I was sitting at a freezing cold tube station with my friend Andreas the other night when this smartly-dressed black fella walked past and literally hurled some loose change at him. As Andreas scrambled to pick up the coins from the gutter, a younger black lad had […]

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Dogs Smell Fear

I don’t know if I told you, but before all of this happened with me, and my own homelessness, I had been in Tbilisi, Georgia, finishing my book. I decided to do it there, because I could no longer afford the rent on my flat which had gone up £180 a month. When I got […]

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I probably shouldn’t say it, but sometimes homelessness is quite fun. Well it was for me anyway. Terrible huh? But y’know, of COURSE I didn’t choose it or want it, of course it was horrible and traumatising. Of course you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. But my spirit knew it couldn’t afford to […]

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Park Life

Being homeless is like being a refugee in your own land. Refugees have camps. Why do homeless people not have homeless camps? We are, after all, internal refugees. Refugees from years of government greed and neglect of the housing crisis in our country, neglect of mental health services, neglect of simple, decent human standards of […]

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